Plenty of Optimism ahead Ethereum’s next major upgrade on 16th October

Ethereum, the world’s second most valued cryptocurrency is going to have its next major upgrade on 16th October as expected. The blockchain network’s developers met a couple of days ago on a scheduled meeting. The meeting was held via Google Hangouts and the discussion was focused on the matter of ensuring that all the clients of Ethereum should ensure a related software upgrade to avoid all the possibilities of any unintended splits.

This update is named Byzantium and to ensure uniformity of the fork across all the nodes clients are requested to make the necessary changes as needed. This is a great shift to a new code and this hard fork will bring some good improvements in Ethereum. For example it can make the Ethereum network run faster and there can be few data constraints. Also the network privacy can be increased through the implementation of new variables and use of more security features.

However there were some hiccups in the developers meeting. One example was the realization that some of the developers on client side missed the software testing against the difficulty in lower mining which is to be introduced in the Byzantium release.

Although there are no meetings scheduled before the fork and now, but developers are ready to face any emergency arising in between. According to CoinDesk, the chairman of the meeting Hudson Jameson confirmed the same with his statement, “We will talk at the hard fork if there is some emergency due to the occurrence of something wrong. Otherwise we will meet on the 20th”.

Ethereum blockchain network has gained a lot of popularity and has occupied the second place in total cryptocurrency market capitalization after the most popular network Bitcoin network. The developers’ community of Ethereum is trying its best to develop the network to the most advanced level and increasing the popularity of the cryptocurrency and its other applications.

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