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Ethereum Blockchain and eSports join hands to build the innovative game World of Battles (WOB)

The eSports gaming industry is not far from the second most popular blockchain technology –Ethereum. World of Battles (WOB) has taken advantage of this blockchain technology and has provided enhanced streaming and gaming solutions and mitigated operational risks to a great extent using the powerful Ethereum blockchain technology.

About WOB

World of Battles is an autonomous and decentralized eSports platform based on Ethereum blockchain technology. It provides an enhanced gaming system and utilizes smart contracts. It eliminates one major burden which is elimination of the use of third party financial institutions. Also it is verifiable publicly which introduces a high level of security resulting in significant reduction of frauds and hacking possibilities. In this robust gaming platform, users can place bets and create tournaments.

Already more than 450,000 players have already registered themselves to this game and it is projected that the annual earnings for this game may go in multi-billion dollars. The ambitious team aims to cover more than half of the entire market by the end of September 2019.

Advanced Security Features

WOB takes the advantage of Ethereum blockchain technology to ensure verified and safe transactions for processing of bets and reward distribution. The transactions are faster and more secure with the distributed ledger technology (DLT). The new technology added helps WOB to mitigate the fraudulent behaviour and prevents users from opening multiple accounts.

WOB seems to be a solid project with a real potential and it will certainly add new heights to the popularity of Ethereum blockchain technology. The Ethereum technology is already in boom and promises a lot of big projects in the future. The ICO is scheduled to open today and will last for 4 weeks according to CoinTelegraph. In the first week 1 ETH will purchase 1900 tokens of WOB and 1000 tokens of WOB by the 4th week.



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