A Dutch family bet all the property on bitcoin

Bitcoin is no doubt the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and a popular form of investment now. A Dutch family having members Didi Taihuttu, his wife and 3 kids recently bet all their property on this much popular cryptocoin. They are waiting for bitcoin prices to take off to earn the gain they wanted.

This Dutch family has no fear of losses and is in the process of selling all they own which includes a 2500 square foot house to the shoes they have and all they are putting to trade the popular cryptocurrency. Now they have moved to a campsite and waiting for the prices to go up.

The best part of the story is that the family head does not regret anything. He is 39 year old and says that there is really nothing to regret upon. We have sold our cars, motorcycle and we can lose all our material stuff. Still we live as a family and we are enjoying this stuff.

He has been a miner of Bitcoin earlier but now does trading Bitcoin and other cryptos like Ripple, Ether, XLM and Dogecoin. Still the family is in the process of liquidation of their assets and making investment on cryptocurrencies as they get the money. The family is satisfied with the income they receive right now from the trading and they say it is enough for the family’s basic needs.

Unfortunately Taihuttu’s brother and sister and also in-laws consider him crazy but that has not stopped him from enjoying the stuff. He shares his experience on social media and also has invited donations in bitcoins. He says that cryptocurrencies are good alternatives today as a lot of people are losing their faiths on the present monetary system today. The Dutch family decided to invest heavily on Bitcoin after seeing the Bitcoin’s recent ride in prices.

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