Use of Blockchain technology in Restaurant reviews- Munchee App

Use of blockchain technology in payment transactions and other related applications is commonly known but did you ever hear of the use of blockchain technology in restaurant reviews? Well, Munchee a social app based on blockchain technology is available for food reviews. It makes food reviews more credible than the existing review apps where there is a lot of manipulation in the reviews.

The Munchee App has a lot of potential to become a favourite tool of marketing for the restaurants who want to create credibility in the market through credible customer ratings. Munchee guarantees that the reviews are not altered, removed, censored or hidden. It will also use cryptocurrency token for giving incentives to both the customers and restaurants using the app.

Peer- Review system

Peer review system is a great feature of Munchee app in which every review is undergone a peer review by the other Munchee users. This system ensures that only the quality reviews are allowed to be accepted on this platform. A big problem with the current review system is the fake reviewing system which is totally prevented in the Munchee system. Thus both customers and restaurants are sure that they are using an impartial and a quality review system on restaurants.

In order to create one’s own post and gain MUN tokens, a user needs to review another user’s post. In every peer review, a choice of either approving or flagging a post is allowed. For the reviewing of every post a random odd numbers of end users are chosen. Once all the reviews are taken for a post, the total approvals and flags are counted. If the post gets passed, the creator of the post is notified and the reward is sent within 10 days. When the review gets failed, the creator is notified and the post is not published.

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