Can you believe? Bitcoin can cross $100,000 mark!

For those who have already invested into the number one cryptocurrency of the world or going to invest into it in future, there will be no news better than this for them. Well, Max Keiser who is the popular host of Keiser Report in Russia Today believes firmly that Bitcoin price will one day reach the unbelievable price level of $100,000 according to the Cointelegraph report.

The current price of Bitcoin already shows that it is still the father of all digital money. Bitcoin has already reached nearly touching $8400 mark and has continued to soar even when SegWit2x fork hanged over the markets like a dark cloud.

Keiser believes that Bitcoin is the most dependable cryptocurrency since it has managed to save a number of changes and have firmly stood against countless altcoins been discovered time to time. According to Keiser, Bitcoin will continue to dominate the cryptocurrency world. A number of comments came on Bitcoin’s downfall in future but none of them materialized in actual. He calls Bitcoin as the gift of God and believes that Bitcoin was discovered to remove the mess made by the money.

While there is still some crisis in Bitcoin’s network, Keiser believes that Bitcoin should focus on its performance as a digital Gold. It should leave the role of payments on other coins. He says that those who are frustrated with the scaling debate of Bitcoin should use Dash for payment feature and they should leave Bitcoin Core to focus its work on Gold 2.0.

A number of good news related to Bitcoin’s future has buoyed the Bitcoin prices recently. There is big news of an upcoming launch of a regulated market of Bitcoin by CME. So let us have our fingers crossed as Bitcoin seems to be a much promising paradise for the investors. The prices are already soaring with the Bitcoin prices reaching to multiple times within the present year. If the trend continues to go on, we might see the Keiser’s prediction proving absolutely correct in future!

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