U.S Bitcoin futures goes live and so expect fluctuations in the game for cryptocurrencies

The Chicago-based exchange group has launched bitcoin futures on 10th December 2017 to improve the game for the cryptocurrency. The retail investors and institutions are expecting to have a more extensive platforms to participate in the market. The cross-town rival of the Cboe will begin its market in the following December.

The outcome of this launch is that many investors have started to bet on the future price of the bitcoin with the new product from Cboe. In fact, NASDAQ in the second half of 2018, is preparing to launch the bitcoin futures. The president of Cboe, Chris Concannon has given a hint that there may be futures for the other cryptocurrencies on the horizon. The entrance of futures is a landmark for the cryptocurrency for new investors who are looking to trade, via a regulated market.

If you are questioning what the Bitcoin Futures is all about then in simple terms, it can be defined as the type of financial product. And the two parties can exchange the assets at a particular price on an agreed date in the future. The buyer can receive the payment from the product itself if the contract is developed by the futures.

The product will be traded under the ticker XBT. The transaction fees for the bitcoin futures will be waived until the end of December. The prospects will not underlay the cryptocurrency itself but can also settle the cash. It means that without touching the coin, the traders can speculate it.

The pricing for the futures of the Gemini’s exchange is based on the Cboe. Winklevoss twins are the founders of Gemini’s exchange. Money should be placed on the table by the traders for the bets. The bitcoin is volatile, so the settlement price is required aside for the stake. The margins are typical for the futures. It is a risk to think about the down payment from the futures. The high-risk profiles like VIX margins can obtain 50 percent as a settlement from the bitcoin futures.

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