BlackCoin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency having a decentralized and distributed public ledger. Unlike the traditional banks, it is viewable and can easily be audited by anyone. You can think it like a people’s bank. An account in this system is never frozen. Payments can be sent anywhere in the world in just a few seconds.

Since BlackCoin is peer-to-peer, it is completely transparent. There is also a limited supply of coins which makes it valuable and is a good source of wealth like investment in Gold. There are some of the greatest facts about BlackCoin.

  • BlackCoin is the first cryptocurrency which is fully into the proof of stake system.
  • It is also the first coin in the world which has smart contracts working in it.
  • BlackCoin is also nicknamed BlackHole and it was the first coin in early 2014 to combine POS with a multipool.
  • It is also the first coin which used crowdfunding and hired an advertising agency.
  • It is popular for having an outstanding community of its users and lovers. All have worked tirelessly to make the cryptocurrency as one of the best ones. BlackCoin community is the next most active community after Dogecoin. Its developers are active on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and IRC and they answer user questions or answers. The developers also support the periodic BlackCoin Lottery and other events in the community.

Here are the salient features of BlackCoin Cryptocurrency:

  • No more power hunger by mining hardware since it is based on proof-of-stake
  • The software used is open source software, so the safety can be easily audited anytime
  • The transactions are very fast and the money can be sent to anyone in just a few seconds.
  • It marks just a small rate of inflation which is 0.95% and a compound interest up to 1%

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BlackCoin Price

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