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How to use bitcoin?

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There are more than 700+ crypto currencies in the world many of them are being traded on the exchange. Among all the other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is biggest by market capitalization and is leading cryptocurrency. The growth and popularity of bitcoin are increasing day by day, hence many people want to

How to choose the best bitcoin wallet?

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Just as in stocks many investors buy stock, hold it for certain duration and then sell it to make a profit. The same strategy can be applied to bitcoin. Once you have bought your first bitcoin, you will need bitcoin wallet where you can securely “store” it. You can sell

How bitcoin fraud can be avoided?

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Bitcoin prices are constantly increasing over the years and have reached huge market capitalization worth hundreds of billion dollars. Bitcoin is attracting people for its specific attributes like price appreciation, demand, appeal, significance, and value. This brings good and bad people in the field. The bad part is scammers in

How is bitcoin price determined?

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Bitcoin was created by a mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto (a person or group still unknown) in 2009. It is one type of crypto currency. Other known crypto currencies are Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and others. By market-capitalization bitcoin is the largest. Crypto currencies are not acknowledged by central banks and hence

What should you know about Bitcoin before using it?

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Bitcoin is quite different from fiat (currency issued by central banks) currency. The way of exchanging bitcoin is different than the money that is exchange in banks or among businesses. One should take his/her time to investigate thoroughly before using bitcoin and specially before transacting a huge amount. Just as

$50,000 Bitcoin Could Come Sooner Than You Think

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Cryptocurrencies are hogging the limelight for quite some time in print and digital media, scaling new high and low especially its volatility.  Most people do not understand what these digital assets are, but are tempted to try their hand just because friend, relative or neighbor made huge profits out of

What is scope of Bitcoin in 2018?

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Being an outsider for long, Bitcoin has become a part of the mainstream conversion nowadays. It is because of its volatility, scandals, and promise. Bitcoin futures have been trading at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board Options Exchange since the end of 2017. CBOE and CME, both are the prominent

What is the smallest Bitcoin you can buy?

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Bitcoin can be further divided into Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin and can be handled for a transaction. 1 Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 Bitcoin. Here is the relation between Satoshi and equivalent Bitcoin. 100,000,000 Satoshi    = 1.00000000 BTC (Bitcoin) 1,000,000 Satoshi    = 0.01000000 BTC    = 1

Bitcoin – A big hit in Japan

Mai Fujimoto also known as “Miss Bitcoin” in Japanese media says she has converted all her disposable income into crypto currency as an alternative to deposit it in the bank. She is not alone in the frenzy that Bitcoin is attracting Japanese in a big way. The popularity of Bitcoin