Dash Coin

Dash-coin is another form of popular cryptocurrencies which have incorporated several key innovations. These all aim at increasing the anonymity in the system as well the functioning of the system. Evan Duffield and Kyle Hagan are the inventors of Dash and Evan is still developing it actively. A fair number of independent businesses have accepted the use of Dash-coin although Dash is still not widely accepted by the retailers.

Dash-coin’s revolutionary innovation is the creation of Darksend system which makes its transactions untraceable. It is specially designed for the computers which are called Masternodes. These collect and execute many transactions at once which make it unclear that whose coins will be going to whom. This works like a big electronic game system and for increasing the anonymity users can select an option for multiple mixing rounds to increase anonymity of the source of their coins. There is no publicly available ledger in this system as present in other cryptocurrency coins. This makes it difficult for other parties to calculate your holdings and analyze the transactions you make. But still the anonymity is not so perfect as expected and there is still a possibility for the attackers with good resources to break through the system. However Dash-coin provides the highest concern about the privacy of transactions amongst other available cryptocurrencies.

X11 hashing algorithm is another great feature of Dash-coin while most of the others use Scrypt or SHA-256 for their proof-of-work system. X11 is an unique alternative because of its design as it allows users with less powerful hardware also to compete well for the verification of transactions.

Dash-coin’s unique features are still helping it to make a good position in the cryptocurrency market. Dash-coin can be an interesting option with monetary value and utility whether you want to use it as an investment opportunity or to make anonymous global transactions.

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