electrum bitcoin walletElectrum is one of the most secure bitcoin wallets available and serves as a lightweight wallet for both mobile and wallet users. It has a long list of supported features and this is what makes it the best.

Electrum offers a lightweight solution when it seems that most of the desktop bitcoin wallets need users to download the entire blockchain. Within a few seconds of installing it on Windows, Linux or MacOS platforms, users can start sending and receiving money right away.

Electrum has cold storage solutions which refer to storing part of the user funds in an offline mode. Also Electrum can be integrated with other hardware solutions like Trezor, ledger, Keepkey etc. While using it with other integrated wallets, all the features of Electrum are still accessible.

Electrum boasts of having Tor support as the one of the few wallets to do so. It has coin control features. With this integration, one can easily achieve anonymity even by using a desktop wallet. The IP address of a user will not leak to the connecting servers and users can be selective about the addresses. This can be determined by the “Send Form” part of the transaction and they can put inputs what they like. This feature offers anonymity to the transactions.

Though Electrum is widely popular as a desktop client, its team has released an Android wallet and almost all the features of desktop client can be found there in the Android client. There are no downtimes expected since Electrum is not connected to a centralized server.

Electrum is thus a worth bitcoin wallet checking out by both types of bitcoin users, novice and advanced. A lot of people have liked Electrum as the number of good choices in this category is seemingly less. This wallet offers security as well as a number of good features to conduct smooth and secure Bitcoin operations.

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