Ethereum Coin

etherium-coinAfter the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency in the list which is the most valuable form of digital money. It employs a technology called Ethereum which was first described by a bitcoin programmer Vitalik Buterin in 2013. He conceived Ethereum as an improvement on the most popular Bitcoin. It has a decentralized payment network like Bitcoin and allows anonymous payments sent across the web without any intervention of banks or other third parties. Transactions can be seen by anyone in the network and they are stored in a decentralized ledger, blockchain.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and therefore is compared with Bitcoin in all aspects. Many advocates of this currency say that Ethereum has many advantages over Bitcoin which makes it better than Bitcoin. The first advantage is that the ‘blocks’ i.e. the records of transactions can be created faster than Bitcoin. The other advantage is that Ethereum technology not just allows for the currency but also for computer applications to run on the network.

There are a number of applications which are built on Ethereum and many start-ups are using the network to raise money by offering coins initially. Ethereum has rocketed in terms of gaining popularity and also in price recently.

Ethereum users and facts

There are almost 5.3 million wallets of Ethereum cryptocurrency according to Etherscan. Ethereum is known for largely being anonymous and is highly secure against thefts and frauds like other cryptocurrencies. Ethereum can be used in those online stores who have cryptocurrency MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards. Ether can also be used as an investment thing where it is stored in online wallets with the hope that this cryptocurrency will have a gain in the value and a lucrative sum will be accumulated through this investment.

Where to buy Ethereum-coins?

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Ethereum Coin Price

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