Exodus Wallet

Exodus is a popular cryptocurrency wallet and is advertised as a Blockchain assets wallet. It provides compatible software in Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Thus users get multiple options to store their precious digital currencies securely.

Exodus has a good user interface and it is easy to use this software. The design of this wallet is quite interactive and it is sleek, simple and navigating through different cryptocurrencies is smooth and like a cool wind blown. You just need to select ‘wallet’ and can click through various assets available in your wallet including Bitcoins, Dash, litecoin, Dogecoins etc.

When you first open the wallet, you are greeted with a compound pie chart which a great feature is making it distinct from others. Your all information regarding your diversified assets is shown in an easy to view circle and the user is able to tack the real-time value of his blockchian assets with fluctuations in the market.

Exodus is primarily a desktop wallet, so all your keys and transaction data are stored in your own computer. There are no accounts, no servers and no sharing of data to third parties. Also, you don’t need to install the entire blockchain in your PC in case of Exodus. You just need to install Exodus application and you are good to go with this litewallet.

Exodus offers a unique feature of the ability to exchange other altcoins for Bitcoins and vice versa from inside the wallet only. Exodus boasts on its website that it is the only service to do so.

A number of theme choices are available to customize the look and feel of the Exodus wallet and help you in keeping your visual interest with the wallet.

With fewer downsides like closed source wallet and inability to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat, overall Exodus is a great choice as a cryptocurrency wallet for the users.




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