Jaxx Wallet

jaxx walletJaxx is one of the best Ethereum wallets available and is available for most of the available platforms (Windows, Linux, Apple, iOS and Android, Google Chrome and Firefox extensions). Jaxx is not just a wallet for Bitcoins but it also supports a lot of other popular altcoins which includes Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash, RSK and Augur. With a few clicks you can add or remove a currency of your choice.

Jaxx has an important feature which is an in-built integration which is known as SpaceShift. It is a service to exchange blockchain tokens and coins. There is a direct integration of SpaceShift and Jaxx which allow in-app conversion between all the currencies supported by Jaxx.

Jaxx has been designed to provide a smooth experience for using Bitcoin and Ethereum. The design of this wallet system is great and the wallet uses minimal screens which are beautiful and bring simplicity to the users. Even if you are a new user for cryptocurrencies wallet, you will easily manage Jaxx without any trouble. The setup is simple and the use is limited to the basics of operations common in other similar software.

There are all sorts of features available in this wallet which includes-

  • Adding or removing support for different types of currencies
  • Use of different exchange rates
  • Setting transaction fee size
  • Private key display of the wallet
  • Backup
  • Allowing import of funds from paper wallet
  • Security PIN setup

Every feature is backed with a tool tip which explains about the feature so that you don’t need to search the web for understanding the functions.

Jaxx is not open source but its code is available for anyone to review it.  Overall Jaxx wallet is a good tool as a cryptocurrency wallet for the cryptocurrencies it supports.

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