Lisk is a newer cryptocurrency in the market which has gained a significant market capitalization recently. Lisk was presented in May 2016 and was launched as a competitor for Ethereum. The distinctive feature of Lisk is that it is built in Javascript which makes it easier to create Lisk applications by as many people as possible. With Lisk, developers can build their applications and monetize them by publishing. This cryptocoin makes use of modules which help in its design and construction.

Lisk uses sidechain technology

The main working technology behind all cryptocoins is blockchain technology which is defined as a public ledger of all transactions. The blockchain has some problems like it can be flooded with fake transactions or test ones. The network gets slowed when there are too many fake transactions. The Lisk coin has the solution which is known as sidechain. With sidechains, you can add more value to the network and act as a place where high volume transactions are placed and the main blockchain is not affected. This results in faster network all the time.

Lisk has attracted a good amount of crowd-funding

Lisk crowdfunded more than 9 Million US dollar in a short span. This is the 4th highest crowdfund money gained by any cryptocurrency till now. The number one spot is held by the DAO which ridiculously raised around 164 million US dollars in crowdfunding.

Lisk works on a consensus model

In this model, every LSK carries one vote. Only the top 101 users carrying the heaviest votes are able to carry forward the motions and can suggest solutions for problems.

Although a lot of comparison was made between Lisk and Ethereum, the CEO Max Kordek makes and maintains the statement that Lisk is not a competitor of Ethereum coin. Currently Lisk ranks 8th on the rankings of top Cryptocurrency sites and also ranks 14th as an altcoin with the largest community and 13th as a one with active development.

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