trezorA safer way to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the Trezor hardware wallet. Trezor is the Czech word which means vault. It is a product of Satoshilabs, a Czech bitcoin startup.  This bitcoin wallet functions as a USB dongle and allows the cryptocurrency users to access their cryptocoins even on insecure computers. There are multiple layers of security on which Trezor works and it operates on a Zero Trust approach.

Here are some of the best security features adopted by Trezor-

  • PIN Code protection- Trezor is protected by a PIN you choose and if you enter a wrong PIN, your wait time for re-entering the PIN increases by a power of two. You simply have to wait for this time gap.
  • Recovery Seed- If your Trezor is lost or stolen; Trezor provides a randomly generated 24-word code which you can use to recover your wallet.
  • The device is single purpose- It is just a bitcoin wallet and there is no possibility for downloading any app for the hardware which can compromise the security of the user.
  • Very limited surface for attacks- With Trezor, you can’t communicate with other devices. There are no batteries, no cameras, Bluetooth or Wi-fi. The device is turned off when the device is not connected.

The other salient features of Trezor are OLED display, cross platform support, multi currency support like BTC, Ethereal Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZZCoin, DASH, LTC and more. It comes in three vibrant colors, white, black and grey. There is a 2 factor authentication for security. The browser plug-in MyTrezor makes it easy to complete the transactions made though Trezor. You can also set up multiple accounts in Trezor. It is useful to receive payments from different sources.

Trezor is a good hardware wallet device for the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency users who are looking for a safe and secure wallet to hold their digital assets and perform the transactions securely and smoothly.


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